Cowieswells is a derelict farm south of Stonehaven in NE Scotland. We were lucky enough to acquire the place in August 2010 when we were moving back to the UK from Norway and looking for something to match or even better our previous, fjord-side home. The farm house and steading (barns) command an impressive and exposed cliff top location with fantastic views across the North Sea. The buildings were constructed from sandstone in a traditional style and our goal in rebuilding it is to be sympathetic to the original design whilst creating a much larger house which is modern, efficient and maximizes the unique views.

Since we bought the place we have spent over a year working with architects, planners and generally doing stuff that doesn't make for interesting reading. This blog picks up the renovation process in late 2011 when work outside got started. Over the coming months it will be updated every week or so with pictures, movies and the odd bit of text. Like Grand Designs but without the suave sarcasm of Kevin McCloud.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Week 19 - Steel erected

I have been away for a few weeks doing fun stuff in Greenland with helicopters, guns and laser scanners. Meanwhile work has progressed, although its been slowed down by the monsoon and by the holiday season.
Regardless the steel frames for the dining room and lounge extensions are up. This is good because it means that there is finally something exciting to put on the timelapse (new movie here). It is also good because it gives a real feel for the shape and size of the finished house. It's big and pretty much as I imagined it.
The roof on the bothy is also finished and slated. Looks grand. Meeting with builder and architect tomorrow to discuss how big the delay is and that all important question, will we be in for Christmas?

View from the south showing the steel for the dining room. This will be filled with glass to make the most of the nice views and also the passive solar heating (if the sun ever shines) 
Dinning room from inside
Our roof will be held up by these bolts! Hmmm

There's that curved bit of steel again. That will be the family bathroom

This piece of wall will be left bare to show of the original stonework 
General view showing the house and bothy 
Bothy looking a lot more complete than the house!
Whilst sifting through the 9800 timelapse photos from the last two weeks I cam across this (and the following three were the same). I think its a buzzard checking out the camera. Would explain all the half eaten rabbits around the place.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 16 - TV licence and general progress

We recently received an letter informing us that we need a TV licence for Cowieswells. We informed them that a roof would probably be more us but it has been pointed out that there is a TV aerial!

Things are progressing well. In the main house the opening in the walls are pretty much finished and the steel is in for the upstairs. The roof should go on next week. Really felt like things were progressing this week. The builders reckon that that are about two weeks behind schedule due to the weather and having to take down the gable well at the east end of the house. If it's only two weeks then we are not going to complain.

Even more exciting in the Bothy. The slates have arrived for the roof, the velux windows are in and inside the stud work has gone up for the interior walls giving a real feel for how its going to look and feel once its all done.
Main house, steel up for the floor. Note the TV aerial.

View east in the main house. There is that curved piece of steel! Note also that the end wall and gable have been taken down to make the opening to the lounge
Slate for the bothy roof 

Inside the bothy. Really taking shape now

The east end of the bothy is open to the roof. Looks very cosy.
Upstairs in the bothy. A single bedroom.