Cowieswells is a derelict farm south of Stonehaven in NE Scotland. We were lucky enough to acquire the place in August 2010 when we were moving back to the UK from Norway and looking for something to match or even better our previous, fjord-side home. The farm house and steading (barns) command an impressive and exposed cliff top location with fantastic views across the North Sea. The buildings were constructed from sandstone in a traditional style and our goal in rebuilding it is to be sympathetic to the original design whilst creating a much larger house which is modern, efficient and maximizes the unique views.

Since we bought the place we have spent over a year working with architects, planners and generally doing stuff that doesn't make for interesting reading. This blog picks up the renovation process in late 2011 when work outside got started. Over the coming months it will be updated every week or so with pictures, movies and the odd bit of text. Like Grand Designs but without the suave sarcasm of Kevin McCloud.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Week 38

I have been away in the Middle East for two weeks so I was pretty excited to get back and see what was happening. Things have really slowed down since the windows were delayed. There has not been anything to do inside until the place is wind and water tight. Outside the stone masons, who never cease to amaze me with their talent have been building the outside walls. Those are now finished.

When I got down there on Thursday, the Bothy windows were in. That looks fantastic and gives a taste of what the other bits are going to look like. There was also a front door and the external walls were all finished. Even more exciting there was a large pile of windows which had finally been delivered. I was back on on Friday afternoon and the joiners had already put most of them in. I also chatted to Ian (the foreman) and he said that they should be finished with the windows early next week which should see things speed up again.
The Bothy with windows and a door 
Very nice stone work 
Nice light for taking pictures of the house and bothy 

Inside, everything that can be done has been 
We have a front door! Very exciting!

A selection of windows - about time  
Some of the windows already in 
Can't wait to see this without scaffolding. Should be in about 2 weeks.

My wall is just about finished 
View of farm and steading from the east

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